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Dental technology
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Sterilization Systems

Your safety and comfort is of the strictest importance, which is why we use sterilization systems. Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing that every tool used in our office is meticulously sterilized and cared for, enabling a safe, carefree dental visit.

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Digital X‐rays

We use digital dental x-rays for better efficiency and for our patient’s safety. Digital x-rays emit up to 90% less radiation than traditional film x-rays, while also providing a clear digital image that enhances our diagnostic abilities and allows for easy storage and retrieval.
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Comfortable Chairs

Our dental chairs make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible during your visit. We know that going to the dentist can be stressful for some so we want to make your time spent in the dental chair as pleasant as possible. Enjoy lumbar support, comfortable head rests, smooth mechanics, and soft cushioning while our dentists help you work towards a beautiful smile.

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iTero Scanner

iTero scanners are used to create 3D digital versions of traditional dental impressions. The technology is less invasive than traditional methods for treatment planning and creating dental appliances. iTero scanners are often used in dental practices that offer Invisalign aligners.
Digital Patient Information Icon

Digital Patient Information

Also, all of our patient files are digital for easy transferability and security. We can easily access patient information from all over our office and quickly pull up your medical history as needed. Digitization makes for more efficient visits with less time searching through paperwork and more time spent caring for you.

Intraoral Camera Icon

Intraoral Camera

For accurate diagnoses and better patient communication, we use intraoral cameras. Providing true-to-life digital images of teeth and gums helps our dental professionals see oral issues more clearly and improves patient communication. We can show you exactly what dental issues need to be addressed, and you can rest easy with the knowledge about what exactly what is going on inside your mouth.

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