Dental Crowns in North Vancouver

You may have heard the terms dental bridge, crown, veneer, or dentures before, but do you know what they are? While they are all different ways to correct a natural tooth, they use vastly different approaches and technology.

Dental Crowns, aptly named, are caps that fit over the tooth to restore the look of a tooth that has been damaged, discoloured, or decayed.

This little cap is customized in shape, colour, and size to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth and, when properly cared for, can span 15+ years in longevity.

When is a Crown Necessary for a Patient?

If your smile makes you frown, ask yourself why? Do you have stained teeth from years of coffee or tea drinking? Maybe a chipped, broken tooth sustained from athletic trauma? Or perhaps you’re dealing with decay formed from years of less-than-perfect oral hygiene?

Bad teeth make you self-conscious and have you shy away from conversations, social interaction, and smiling for pictures, and may have you making any excuse to cover your mouth. Here are some examples where a crown is a great option to help fix your smile.

Broken/Chipped/Cracked Teeth

If you have a tooth that has been chipped or cracked, a simple solution is to cover it with a custom-made dental crown to both hide the chip and protect the tooth from any additional damage and potential infection.

Dental Crowns in North Vancouver


If your tooth has sustained minor decay, which has altered its appearance, it can be repaired, the cavity filled, and then covered with a crown to hide any sign of the decay itself. This does not apply to major decay, as an extraction may be necessary. Our dental team can help guide you to the right solution when it comes to the extent.


If you have one or more teeth that have become stained or discoloured, a dental crown can cover the tooth/teeth with a crown that’s in a shade that best matches your natural teeth. This is a good option if the tooth is exceptionally resistant to whitening and needs an alternative solution.

Missing Teeth

If you have lost one or more teeth and wish to fill the gap with natural-looking teeth, a crown can be constructed and attached to a dental implant to complete your smile. The surrounding structures must be strong and healthy to receive an implant.

Post-Root Canal

Dental crowns can be placed over teeth that have been subject to root canals and can act to protect them from bacterial infection. The crown minimizes this risk while improving the cosmetic appearance should there be any imperfections or discoloration post-root canal.

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Dental Crown Procedure

If you are in search of some smile restoration and are considering a dental crown, this is what you can expect at Bayview Lonsdale Dentist:


If you are a new patient looking for dental guidance or a current patient that’s been told a crown may be necessary, the consultation will allow us to answer any questions you may have.

We will explain the procedure itself, and discuss fees and aftercare. If you’re an ideal candidate, we will get you booked in to get started.

Initial Examination

If we haven’t already done one, a comprehensive history and oral exam will take place to ensure we have all the necessary information to proceed.


Due to the nature of the procedure, pain and discomfort would be present without some sedation or anesthesia. We will numb the area and minimize discomfort before beginning. Please advise us of any drug allergies.

Once numb, we will start to prep the tooth by cleaning the area and shaving it down in order for the custom crown to fit. We will take tooth impressions via scan or mould, so we have a blueprint to send to the lab.

After the procedure is complete, we will send you home in a temporary crown to cover the area whilst we wait for your permanent custom crown.


The crown is then made to match your natural teeth, mimicking the size, shape, and colour of your teeth.


On your follow-up visit, the temporary crown will be removed, and the permanent crown will be implanted in its place. We will check to ensure the fit and feel are ideal before we cement it in place.

Aftercare for Dental Crowns

You can assume you will wear your temporary crown for two or three weeks. It will need some care to avoid loss or damage. During this period, avoid hard foods that could break the crown and sticky, chewy food that could pull it right out. Try chewing on the opposite side of the crown to spare it wear and tear.

Once your crown is in place, treat it as you would part of your natural teeth. Regular tooth brushing and flossing is important for maintaining healthy teeth and gums, as are dental checkups and cleaning.

Your permanent crown can be treated with the same care as the temporary one for the first while until it’s settled into place. Remember to follow any instructions regarding eating or drinking or medication use your dentist prescribes.

Good oral hygiene will keep the crown clean, but special focus will need to be made where the crown meets the gum. This should be cleaned thoroughly as it is highly susceptible to disease and decay. We will recommend which floss and toothpaste is ideal for you and your crown.

How a Dental Crown Can Restore Your Smile

Once your permanent crown is in place, smile. Enjoy a sense of renewed self-confidence as the embarrassing imperfections have been corrected for brilliant, shiny, new teeth.

Remember to take advantage of your smile–jump into pictures you’d usually avoid, confidently strike up a conversation with your boss, chat with that friend you’ve been avoiding.

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Cost Of Dental Crowns In Vancouver

Cosmetic dentistry is not covered by insurance, so there are some out-of-pocket expenses when getting crowns.

Crowns typically run between $1000-2500 per crown. As this varies between patients, a trip to our clinic will best help you calculate a quote for yourself.

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To get a quote, information, or book a crown with one of our dental crown specialists, contact us at Bayview Lonsdale Dentist and let us help you get smiling again.

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Dental Crowns FAQs

Do dental crowns look different from normal teeth?

No, your crown is made to resemble your natural teeth. Shape, size and colour will all be matched to create a seamless smile.

Can dental crowns be repaired?

In some cases, depending on the damage sustained, the crown can be repaired instead of replaced. Your dentist will be able to tell which is a better option after an in-person exam.

What are dental crowns made of?

Crowns can be made from a variety of materials, including porcelain, metal, ceramic and resin.

How long do dental crowns last?

Depending on the level of care, a crown can last anywhere between 5-15 years.

Do dental crowns hurt?

We strive to minimize pain and maximize patient comfort, so we use numbing agents when installing crowns. Some discomfort and sensitivity are not uncommon following the procedure.

This may last a few days, but speak to the dentist about aftercare and pain management.